Jeff Lang Returns for Another China Tour in 2010

Jeff Lang Returns for Another China Tour in 2010

“Seeing Jeff Lang was like being at church for three hours – a totally sacred event.  He’s the man as far as I’m concerned.” John Butler

Australian roots rock and blues legend Jeff Lang has built up a reputation for startlingly original performances, working without a set list, allowing the unique energy of each night to shape the songs. Having previously toured with the likes of Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, Lang is coming back to shake up The Peoples Republic for a second time. Lang’s 2009 China tour won him a boatload of local fans blown away by his guitar-picking skills and soulful live performance. Now armed with a recently released album, Chimeradour, we should expect nothing less than something epic.

Rolling Stone praises Lang’s new albums as “[a] dizzying combination of deep folk, kaleidoscopic blues and Hendrixesque fuzzy rock, enough to blow most minds, leaving celebrated contemporaries for the dead.”

Chimeradour is a spectral and many-faceted sonic journey. A voracious musical explorer, Lang has absorbed and transformed many rich influences in the course of his collaborations with musicians from Mali to Mumbai.

The result — echoes of African desert blues reverberate in the rolling, hypnotic lap slide guitar work on South, whilst driving guitar rock of Slow Rooms and Half Blurred Faces suggests the ragged the ragged glory of Neil Young and Crazy Horse.  The Australian remarks, “listening to a new Jeff Lang album is like a cinematic experience. Images from Lang’s latest album sear the brain and scour the soul.”

Jeff Lang 2010 China Tour Dates:


Aug 27, Friday

@ Cheers

Door Time: 8:30 pm

Address: 261, Fenghuang Lu

Price: 30 RMB


Aug 28, Saturday

@ Small Theatre

Door Time: 8:00 pm

Address: 3F, Building A, Beichangmen Life Art Center

Price: 30 RMB


Aug 29, Sunday

@ 61 House

Door Time: 8:00 pm

Address: 61 Hankou Xi Lu, Gulou District

Price: 35 RMB / 30 RMB (member)


Sep 1, Wednesday

@ Wuchang Vox Livehouse

Door Time: 9:00 pm

Address: 118 Lumo Lu, Guoguang Tower Bldg. B

Luxiang, Wuchang

Price: 30 RMB


Sep 2, Thursday

@ Freedom House

Door Time: 8:00 pm

Address: 71 Tai Ping Jie, Tianxin District

Price: 30 RMB


Sep 3, Friday

@ Metoo Café

Door Time: 9:00 pm

Address: Jinghua Lu, Gongshu District, opposite to Jingchang Wenhua Yuan

Price: 30 RMB


Sep 4, Saturday

@ Yuyintang

Door Time: 9:00 pm

Address: 851 Kaixuan Lu, near Yan’an Xi Lu

Price: 50 RMB / 40 RMB (with student ID)

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