Apr.12 Wooozy Sessions #6 Hangzhou Folk Trio The Tree

Date: 12nd Apr 2012, Thursday  8 PM

Venue: Yu Ying Tang

Address: 851 Kai Xuan Lu, near Yan’an (w) Lu

Tickets: 35 (student) / 40 RMB

*(5 RMB from each ticket will go to the charity organization Shiyi Gongyi)


【Wooozy Session】

Wooozy Sessions is a monthly event brought to you by the good people at Wooozy.cn and Yuyintang. Starting this July, we will be inviting a band based outside of Shanghai to play a show every second Thursday of the month. This project’s initiative is to provide a platform for young, emerging bands to develop their sounds and expand their musical horizons. It is specifically for those bands that can’t make it to Shanghai due to financial reasons or a lack of promotion.

We hope the Wooozy Sessions can provide a gateway to the music fans in Shanghai as to what the young and creative kids in other cities have to offer.

We will be donating part of the profits after every showcase to Shiyi Gongyi, a Beijing-based charity organization that works to provide healthcare to underprivileged children.

The Tree:

The Tree always believes that ear and heart are the best way to express and transmit.

They make sounds and pass on the feelings in different ways. Their music is extensive like trees and with infinite possibilities. The Tree pass on the simplest and strongest interior monologue with their music.

The leading vocal is just like sunlight through morning mist. Their music has extremely rich picture feeling. It’s the grassy afternoon, the footprints of a running child, the swinging banyan on the hill. It’s everything that echoes in your mind. Their music is everything about warmth, ideal and beauty.

Their first release, The Tree, is a special album. In this industrialized recording era, they recorded for six months with eight-track recorder. The Tree added a human touch and power beyond your imagination to this record.

The album was firstly released at Xiami and more than 50 thousand people listened to it in the first week. Thousands of shares and good reviews gave them reputation and more performing chances. The Trees are invited to this year’s Strawberry Festival in the early May. Before that, Wooozy Session will bring them to Shanghai, which is also their first Shanghai show as the trio.

Relevant links:

The Tree: http://site.douban.com/littletree/

Shi Yi Gong Yi Charity: http://blog.sina.com.cn/shiyigongyi

Wooozy: www.wooozy.cn

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