Watch out! Here comes JUE | Music + Art 2013 second lineup announcement!

Greetings, Split Works fans and happiest of new years to all of your beautiful faces!

We apologize for the delay of this much-anticipated second JUE | Music + Artlineup announcement and sincerely hope that it has not dampened your enthusiasm for our favorite festival!  On this the occasion of the fifth anniversary of JUE | Music + Art, in order to better your understanding of the size and scope of the festival, we have decided to organize all the events that encompass JUE into seven broad categories.

Like they taught you all in primary school, labels are for jars, so you should know that the seven categories are flexible and not at all rigid. On the festival website, all events will be tagged with a primary category as well as secondary and even tertiary tags. A quick example: for Asian Cinema Week, we will host the China premiere of the documentary Mongolian Bling. As an event that combines film, music and Q & A, the entry on will be tagged JUE | Music, JUE | Film and JUE | Talks. Each one of the tags is a searchable keyword on the website so you can filter all events by which categories they fall under. Without further ado, here are the categories for JUE 2013 “non-music” events! Hit up JUE official website to learn more about them!
JUE | Art
JUE | Community
JUE | Film
JUE | Literary
JUE | Performance
JUE | Talks
JUE | Music

Notes: We are launching our website now, but it is still being updated on a daily basis. Please check back regularly to see what new, exciting events we will unveil.

JUE website:

The music programme is one of the two foundational pillars of JUE | Music + Artand in 2013 we have confidence that our music lineup is the most distinctive and multi-talented the festival has ever seen. Aside from being the maestro of of creating an aural and visual onslaught of her music, Grimes is also an accomplished visual artist and somewhat less accomplished sailor. Frank Turner’s raw emotional lyrics and passion for fan interaction have led to multiple (!) photo albums of tattoos inspired by his music. And of course, how could we forget about Marshall Allen. 89 years young and spry as a greyhound, the Sun Ra Arkestra leader and legend of jazz improvisation alights on China for some very special shows and workshops with musical partner James Harrar for the multimedia performance event Cinema Soloriens.
Read on for the rest of the exciting musicians who will be performing at JUE | Music + Art 2013…


How To Dress Well //  Mar.8+9 // 390 Bar (SH) + 2Kolegas (BJ) // RMB 60 (Student) / RMB100 (Door)
Ital, Magic Touch // Mar.8 + 9 // Dada Bar (BJ) + Shelter (SH) // Ticket Price TBC
Cinema Soloriens featuring Marshall Allan (Sun Ra Arkestra) // Mar.9+12 // Venue TBC // RMB60 (Student) / RMB100 (Door)
Sound Fragment // Mar. 9+22 // Mao Livehouse Shanghai + Yugongyishan // RMB80 (Presale) / RMB100 (Door)
Matzka // Mar.15+17 // Mako (BJ) + Mao Livehouse Shanghai // RMB100 (Presale) / 120 (Door)
Mi Ami // Mar.15 // 390 Bar (SH) // Ticket Price TBC
Electric East Showcase // Mar. 15 // Dada Bar (SH) // Free Entry
Computer Love // Mar.16 // Dada Bar (BJ) // Free Entry
Stockholm Syndrome // Mar.16 // Dada Bar (SH) // Free Entry
Jeff Lang // Mar.15+16 // Yuyintang (SH) + Yugongyishan (BJ) // RMB60 (Student) / RMB100 (Door)
Wooozy Showcase // Mar. 16+17 // Yuyintang (SH) + Yugongyishan (BJ) // RMB50 (SH) / RMB60 (BJ)

Secret Band + AV Okubo // Mar.20+21 // Yugong Yishan (BJ) + Mao Livehouse (SH) // Ticket price TBC

Amanda Mair // Mar. 20+21 // Jianghu Bar (BJ) + Yuyintang (SH)// RMB60 (Student) / RMB80 (Door)
Grimes // Mar.20+21 // Mao Livehouse Shanghai + Mao Livehouse Beijing // RMB150 (Presale) / RMB180 (Door)
Free Improv & Noise Exchange // Mar.23 // 2Kolegas // Ticket Price TBC
Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls // Mar.22+23 // Mao Livehouse Shanghai + Beijing // RMB120 (presale) / RMB150 (door)

However, in the midst of all this good news, we do have one unfortunate thing to report: By now, most of you will have heard that Ben Folds will no longer be appearing as part of “Pre-JUE” having fired his management team and canceled some of his previously booked shows. Yep. The situation is out of our hands or ability to influence and we want to apologize profusely to everyone looking forward to his show. We are so sorry!!

Nonetheless, we haven’t lost any hope! There is still more to come so don’t pick up that remote! We’ve got quite a Chunjie present to unveil, just you wait… In the meantime, if your interest has already been suitably piqued, Click the 【link】and learn how to get involved as a street team volunteer, photographer, videographer, human beer-chiller or any other way you think of helping out. Oh yeah, SEE Y’ALL AT THEE OH SEES.
Forever yours,

Split Works

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