Stereolab 中国巡演取消通知 | Stereolab China tour cancelled


怀着沉重的心情以及对中国人民的深切关怀,我们宣布 Stereolab 原定于今年 3 月的中国巡演取消。


关于退款,我们的票务合作方247( 会给每一位购票乐迷发邮件告知退款操作流程。如在退款中遇到问题,请直接联系247票务平台。


Dear Stereolab fans

It is with heavy hearts and a deep concern for the people of China that we announce the cancellation of the Stereolab tour in March.

The tour has been a long time in the works, and we truly understand how much people were looking forward to finally seeing the band in China.  We are still hoping to reschedule these shows – watch this space for news.

Regarding refunds, our ticketing partner 247tickets ( will email all ticket holders to let each of you know next steps.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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