You + ASIWYFA + 45 Sound = The Best Live Concert Footage

And So I Watch You From Afar is here to help! For their China tour, the band is working with video website 45 Sound to improve the live footage filmed at their gigs. Filming at live shows is a tricky business: unpredictable sound quality, chatty audience members and that 7-foot tall guy who INSISTS on standing in the front row can all conspire to ruin the perfect video of your favourite song. To make things easier for you, ASIWYFA has teamed up with 45 Sound to professionally record each one of their China shows directly from the sound desk. Here’s how it works:

– You film ASIWYFA.

– You upload your footage on 45 Sound’s website.

– They match up the audio files with the recording from the sound desk

– They process your file with the higher-quality and send the clip, with the new mix, back to you.

– Voila! You have a video with professional-quality sound.


*Note: By uploading the videos, contributors accept the Terms & Conditions of

Have footage from Shanghai, Chengdu or Chongqing? You can upload it here:

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