MIKA 中国巡演取消通知 | MIKA China tour cancelled

亲爱的 MIKA 乐迷们:

我们终于做出了这个艰难的决定,MIKA 原定于今年 3 月的中国巡演正式取消。让大家等待了这么久非常抱歉——我们一直想努力促成演出的延期(和扩大规模),并且为 MIKA 的中国粉丝们呈现些特别的内容。目前看来,一切进展不错,但愿我们很快便能和大家分享这些好消息。


关于退款,我们的票务合作方247(contact@247tickets.com) 会给每一位购票乐迷发邮件告知退款操作流程。如在退款中遇到问题,请直接联系247票务平台。


Dear MIKA fans

We have finally made the difficult decision to cancel the MIKA tour next month.  We are sorry it has taken so long – we have been trying to reschedule (and extend) the tour, and also arrange something special for MIKA’s Chinese fans.  Both things are looking good, and we hope to be able to share more with you all soon.  

We are hopeful that things in China are trending back to normal daily, and our thoughts are still with people stuck in their homes, and those personally affected by the illness. We hope you all stay safe and well.

Regarding refunds, our ticketing partner 247tickets (contact@247tickets.com) will email all ticket holders to let each of you know next steps.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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