Wooozy Offline x Space Debris Committee present: DJ Nobu


“Nobu is one of a handful of underground DJs in Japan making a living solely from playing out, and he is under no illusions as to why few others attempt it.”Red Bull Music Academy

Back to corrupt the sound systems of our favorite clubs, Wooozy Offline calls on SPACE DEBRIS COMMITTEE to bring you the perfect pontiff of audio obscura and techno, DJ Nobu. Keeping the bass tight and beats freaky, DJ Nobu hits the deck alongside Wooozy Offline friendlies Hiro (Microlab) and Taro (Ginga). Turn up and lock-in.

DJ Nobu’s stance as a DJ can best be described as underground – his persistence is undisputed. However, that should not be confused with stylistic inflexibility.

Rather, his approach is singular and ever-changing, constantly modified and adjusted to the quality and the concept of each gig he plays. He keeps it all underground, yet he manages to mutate it. It is this ability that makes him stand out, as can be heard on his official mixes such as Dream Into Dream (Tearbridge), ON (Musicmine), No Way Back (Lastrum) and Creep Into The Shadows (Underground Gallery).

In recent years, he has been programming his set around highly abstract techno with authentic floor anthems, textured avant-electronic music as well as unknown house tracks, along with even more obscure contemporary electronic pieces. He excels in threading challenging tracks from his wide repertoire into a compelling story.

Wooozy Offline x Space Debris Committee present: DJ Nobu



Date: 2015.04.17 Friday

Time: 10pm

Venue: The Shelter

Address: 5 Yongfu Road, near West Fuxing Road


Price: 60RMB (door)

Supports: Jackie, sleepless, Microlab and Ginga.


Date: 2015.04.18 Saturday

Time: 10pm

Venue: Migas

Address: Sixth Floor, Nali Patio, 81 Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang district


Tickets: 60RMB (door)

Guests: ZhiQi, Microlab and Ginga



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Website of full-on techno and house party Future Terror:



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Smoke Machine Podcast DJ Nobu feature:



About Wooozy:

As an online music hub, Wooozy.cn has been covering the best and the freshest music from all around the world since 2009. Wooozy Offline started in 2014 and is more than a party, a workshop, or an event – it’s a bridge connecting China’s local electronic music scene with the world.


Space Debris Committee is an international dance floor in Shanghai for the coordination of activities related to the man-made and natural debris in musical space.

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About Shanghai Wooozy Offline Residents:

 dj sleepless: A sleepless set can be defined as indefinable, shifting sleeplessly between genres, but never forgetting the dance floor, keeping things fresh with the odd curveball.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/djsleeplesssh

Jackie: Backed by skills honed through years of practice and a whole lotta club time, Jackie always brings it, transforming crowds into a mass of sentient beings whenever he plays.

Link: http://site.douban.com/jackie/

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