Wooozy Offline and Genome Present: Why Be x Rui Ho + GAIKA

Hey Fam, April’s going to be LITTTTTT…

Nah, April is going to be liminal and mind-bending. Maybe even a little notorious. 

We here at Wooozy and Genome are hugely excited to partner up for four parties in April, featuring some of our favourite young sonic innovators of this day and age.

First up, Shanghai and Beijing dates forWhy Be and Rui Ho:two young producers grafting and crafting some of the most emotive club music out there today. Skittering percussion, unexpected breaks and a careful bricolage of visceral textures are in order.

Dada Shanghai on Sunday, April 2withScintii,  Kilo Vee, Hyph11e ,16666and Sleepless. Dada Beijing on Monday, April 3withShackup, Kilo Vee,Scintiiand 16666.It’s over the Qingming break, so Monday and Tuesday are public holidays!

Next, a very special debut China tour for Gaika, the London-based producer who plays powerful, adventurous dancehall –  electronic gospel music for the church of technology. Gaika is political, observant, relevant, but also gloriously danceable. He’s been called “electronic music’s answer to Basquiat”, and like Jean-Michel, his work is enigmatic. Whip-smart. Expansively intelligent. Proto-legendary.

Dada Shanghai on Saturday, 15th April withDownstate, Miraisenshi, Kilo Vee, 16666, Riddim Ryder and Sleepless.Dada Beijing on Sunday, 16th April with BloodzBoi and Puzzy Stack.80 RMB tickets for all shows. 

Why Be

Why Be is a Korean-born, Danish-raised, and Berlin and Copenhagen-based producer and DJ. In 2016, Why Be soundtracked filmmaker Stephanie Comilang’s“sci-fi documentary”, on Filipina migrant workers in Hong Kong. He also teamed up with producers ElysiaCrampton,ChinoAmobi, Lexxi&Rabit on the album Demon City, which Pitchfork described as “a wonder of concision”. “Demon City creates a special extra-terrestrial zone,” it said in a review. “A place in the world where difference is celebrated, and healing and growth are givens.”why-be


Rui Ho

Rui Ho is a non-binary music producer/DJ from China who’s spent the last few years studying and making music in Paris, France. Now based in Berlin, their music sits at the enigmatic borderland between modern electronic club music and a traditional Chinese music soundscape.Their music often focuses on digital identity, and the masks and conversations we undertake as our online selves.

A resident of the Berlin Community Radio’s incubator program, Rui Ho’s first single, the fascinating ‘Ru Meng Ling’, was released via Genome6.66Mbpin late 2016, with a premiere feature on Vice’s Thump.Their debut EP is due April 2017.

RUI HO photography by Tonje Thilesen 2 (1)


Gaika refers to his blend of dancehall, reggae, and grime as “ghettofuturism,” the soundtrack of a gothic black utopia.

That ‘utopia’ is London, and his music is an amalgam of his travels through the many global currents of the city today, weaving dark yet melodic, experimental yet catchy.

His 2016 release SECURITY, on Mixpak,was a high-concept lowdown on the city, which Pitchfork described as “the essential mode of action to confront a fucked-up world.”November 2016 saw the release of Spaghetto, as much a visceral political statement as a collection of tunes, and his first release on the influential Warp Records.


Wooozy Offline and Genome Present:
Why Be x Rui Ho


Date:Sunday, 2 April 10pm

Venue:Dada Shanghai

Address:115 Xingfu Lu, between Fahuazhen / Pingwu Lu

Tickets:80 RMB

Support:Scintii,  Kilo Vee, Hyph11e ,16666 and Sleepless



Date:Monday, 3 April 10pm

Venue:Dada Beijing

Address:Unit 101, Bldg B, 206 GulouDongDajie

Tickets: TBA

Support:Shackup, Kilo Vee,Scintiiand 16666



Wooozy Offline and Genome Present:


Date: Saturday, 15 April 10pm

Venue: Dada Shanghai

Address: 115 Xingfu Lu, between Fahuazhen / Pingwu Lu

Tickets: 80 RMB

Support: Downstate, Kilo Vee, 16666, Riddim Ryder and Sleepless


Wooozy Offline Presents:


Date:Sunday, 16 April 10pm

Venue: Dada

Address: Unit 101, Bldg B, 206 GulouDongDajie

Tickets: TBA

Support: BloodzBoi, Puzzy Stack, More TBA 



Wooozy official website:www.wooozy.cn
Genome on Bandcamp: http://genome666mbp.bandcamp.com
Why Be on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ristlee2smoeger
Rui Ho on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ruiho

Gaika’s SECURITY Mixtape: http://www.thefader.com/2016/04/20/gaika-security-mixtape
A short primer on ‘ghettofuturism’: http://www.thefader.com/2016/04/28/gaika-need-to-know

Gaika on Boiler Room TV: https://boilerroom.tv/session/gaika-security-party/

About Wooozy:

As an online music hub, Wooozy.cn has been covering the best and the freshest music from all around the world since 2009. Wooozy Offline started in 2014 and is more than a party, a workshop, or an event – it’s a bridge connecting China’s local electronic music scene with the world.

About Genome:

Genome is a new Shanghai labelwith a keen interestin music, internet and fashion, and the urban spaces where they intersect.Founded by a forward-thinking bunch of young Shanghai locals,they aim to build a global collective ofexciting, interesting and progressive club/bass music, and producers with an inclusive, future-first mindset.They then present these to the world, and to Shanghai,through parties, videos, clothing and special online content. The Genome6.66Mbp label is run by Tavi Lee,and the Genome Partiesare run by Kilo Vee.

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