PK14 and Queen Sea Big Shark – Converse Love Noise Road Tour 2008

Converse Love Noise Road Tour 2008

2 bands. 1 bus. 5 cities. 5000km—-Converse is gonna rock china by a real roadtrip concert

Converse is going on a road trip this summer with 2 of Beijing’s best underground bands, hitting the road like never before in China.  Through 5 cities and thousands of kilometers, PK14 and Queen Sea Big Shark will traverse the country by customized tour bus, and play shows with the local bands they meet along the way.

In the spirit of a road trip in the classical sense, the band will be living on the bus for the majority of their time during tour.

Converse is sending these two bands out to chart new Chinese territory in the time-honored musical rite of passage. Taking it on the road. Taking the long way and experiencing the unexpected. For them, this roadtrip is about the journey, but the music is the destination.

Detailed  schedule:

7/31 8:00pm  Nanjing  JIDI 77 music bar

Address:no.129 HanZhong rd.

Support Band:Angry Jerks

Ticket Price:30RMB

8/2 8:00pm Hangzhou The Old Captain Bar

Address:no.178 ShuGuang rd.

Support band:Self Party

Ticket price:30RMB

8/6 8:00pm Changsha 4698

Address:3rd floor Yu Xing Center no.163 Cai E Middle Rd.

Support Band:48V

Ticket Price:30RMB

8/7 8:00pm Wuhan VOX

Address:no. 118 Lu Mo rd. Cao Jia Wan bus station WuChang area, Guo Guang Mansion right next to China EVERBRIGHT Bank

Support band:HuaLun

Ticket Price:30RMB

8/9 8:00pm Xi’an Moonkey

Address:Nan men avenue,west north corner, west of Merchandise Bank

Support band:Echo Rush

Ticket Price:30RMB

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