March 21/22,2012 French violinist-cum-masterful scientist of folktronica Chapelier Fou

JUE | Music + Art 2012
French violinist-cum-masterful scientist of folktronica Chapelier Fou

Shanghai, Yuyintang

March 21, Wednesday, 9 PM

851 Kaixuan Rd. (nr. Yan’an West Rd.)

Support: Reykjavictim

80 RMB


Beijing, MAO Livehouse

March 22, Thursday, 9 PM

111 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District

Support: Yan Yulong

60 RMB


Louis Warynski, hailing from France and operating under the moniker ChapelierFou, started out his career by studying classical violin at the Academy of Music. With a solid base in music theory, he carefully crafted rock sounds and electro beats in what would become a masterful mix of rich sounds spanning across genres.  Surrounding himself on stage with a computer, keyboard, guitar, and violin, his lyrical poetry along with the instruments he plays makes for a fascinating and beautiful performance.

Chapelier Fou Live video

After his first three EPs, Darling, darling, darling…Scandale and Al Abama , Chapelier Fou released his first album 613 in 2010. Marking a transition into the new decade, the media praised 613 as a real public success, leading Chapelier Fou to tour around France and abroad.

2012 is the time for his second album “Invisible”, to be released on March 26th. Behind his mix of electro and more classical instrumentation, these nine new tracks reveal Chapelier Fou as an artist able of showing elaborated and catchy melodies with an outstanding complexity and rare song-writing work… Definitely one of the most intriguing hybrids of the recent years.

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