Concrete & Grass 2017: Tickets Now Open – Guess the Lineup!

“Names”, you’ve demanded; “Give us the names.”

“Where’s that lineup?” we’ve heard you ask. Many (many) times.

Well, we’ve got great news and good news and not-surprising news.

The great news? Our 2017 lineup is all ready to roll: a jam-hot collection of legends, party-starters and musical renegades.

The not-surprising news? It’s not *quite* ready to announce just yet: we’re waiting for the appropriate permits and go-aheads that will let us share – but rest assured it’s coming very, very soon.

Which brings us to good news.

 I – We’re playing a fun little game with you all. Hidden in this illustration below are 25 names from the 2017 Concrete & Grass lineup.  Give us your best guess for a chance to win free tickets to the ‘Grass! 

 II – We’re opening regular Advance Tickets for Concrete & Grass Right. This. Very. Instant! You can grab them from your ticket provider of choice: Damai (CN), or 24/7 (EN) or Smart Ticket (EN). Scroll down for links and QR codes.


Now, we fully understand if you’re feeling hesitant to commit without confirmed evidence of who’s coming to the ‘Grass. Full lineup announcements are coming very very soon, and here’s how we’ve planned this out:

Today, Aug 2: Tickets Open

Next week: First Wave Lineup Announcement

Mid-August: The Full 2017 Lineup Announcement

Alright, then. Ready to guess?

gusessing game


Leave a comment below with your best guesses – we’re giving away some free tickets + special prizes to the folks who can get closest to all 25! Entries open till August 7, and we’ll contact the winners after!


PRICE 预售票价图

What’s this “Premium Ticket” thing?

We’re introducing a ‘Premium Ticket’ upgrade this year to regular passes (Premium tickets are only available for tickets purchased on Damai). This 88 RMB-per-day upgrade gets you:

1. A commemorative C&G 2017 Premium wristband; *

2. 1x Voucher for special drinks; *

3. 1x Limited Premium Festival Merchandise;

4. VIP Festival Entrance;

5. Access to the Fat Cats clubhouse (including shaded indoor seating, outdoor viewing area and VIP bar);

6. Indoor restrooms;

7. Storage for personal items;

8. Free Wifi;

Premium tickets are limited, and first-come-first-served!

*specifics TBC, and subject to change


Concrete & Grass 2017

Date: 16-17 September (Sat & Sun)
Venue: Shanghai Rugby Football Club

Address: 2700 ZhangyangBei Road, near Wuzhou Avenue
Metro station: Wuzhou Avenue 五洲大道 (Line 6, Exit 1)

预售 | Presale 

学生票 | Students  220 RMB

成人票 | Adults  280 RMB

2日通票 | 2-Day Pass  460 RMB

超级单日票 | Premium

学生单日 | Day/Students 220 + 88 RMB

成人单日 | Day/Adults 280 + 88 RMB

两日超级票 | 2-Day Pass 460 + 176 RMB

现场 | Door

学生票 | Students  290 RMB

成人票 | Adults  380 RMB

Concrete & Grass 2017 Official Ticketing

About Split Works:

Split Works has been rocking in the free (ish) world since 2006. Working with inspirational artists from across the globe, the good people at Split Works HQ have been a key contributor to the continued rise of China’s music scene.

Split Works has launched five music festivals and promoted over 400 tours to 30 Chinese cities, always striving to stay true to a familiar refrain: the music has to be special, every single time. From GodspeedYou! Black Emperor to Sonic Youth, from Thee Oh Sees to Mac Demarco and Shabazz Palaces, from Black Rabbit to JUE and Wooozy to Concrete & Grass, we love music, we love China and we love you.

About Mailive:

Mailive is a live music brand under the Damai Entertainment banner. They organize live performances for some of the biggest Chinese and foreign artists out there:handling production, distribution, and curation for a wide range of cultural events. In 2017 alone, Mailive has put together shows for artists like Huimei Zhang, Pu Shu, Zhiqian Xue, Wen Li, Youjia Lin, Bichang Zhou and others.


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