What Went Down In Wuhan – Rare Emilie Simon Recordings

We’re sure you know about Emilie Simon’s appearances in Beijing and Shanghai as part of JUE2015. However, you may not have noticed that she also had a show in Wuhan. Well, it was a special show because despite a series of unfortunate events, Emilie and her touring troupe ended up creating an entirely new performance in a last minute effort to make the best of their situation. Find out what happened and listen to unique renditions of the songs here: http://www.emiliesimon.com/

Here’s the Live audio
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Emilie Simon:

Thank you very much everyone. We are very happy to be here, with you tonight. And before we really start the show, I have to explain to you something that you are part of something that never never happened before, in my life.

We are playing a set for you tonight that we never play before. For a technical reason, for a very technical reason, not political reason at all, is that basically there is one person missing in the band that had all the gears with him. So we are building a set for you tonight that we rehearse for you, because we didn’t want to cancel the show. So this is a very unique show you have tonight.

Wuhan Live_1

(Song: To the dancers in the rain)

We were yesterday in Beijing for a few days, we arrived in Beijing and stayed there. And I went to this music shop, and I was like so excited to discover Chinese instruments, traditional Chinese instruments, and I got this little guy here.

(playing the instrument) I learn it this morning, so I’m sorry, this afternoon, it’s a Hulusi, right?

Wuhan Live_2

(Song: Tears)

(Song: Opium)

(Song: Desert)

This is a song that I wrote for a city that I really like, that I love, where I live. The city is paris.

Wuhan Live_3

(Song: Paris I took boonies)

(Song: Flower Season)

So happy to be here tonight with you. Thank you so much, Wuhan, for coming!

Nicolas Bogue for guitar and bass.

Mathieu Gayout for drums

Vincent Mantz at the sound

Thank you very much

.Wuhan Live_4

(Song: Canvas Song)

Wuhan Live_5

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