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JUE | Music + Art 2011 is proud to have Morning Tears as our official charity partner. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to Morning Tears.

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1. AV Okubo – Love Song © 兵马司

2. The Whitest Boy Alive – Don`t Give Up © Asound/Bubbles

3. 黄玠 Mr. Dadado – 生活一堆毛 © 风和日丽唱片行

4. The Black Atlantic – Fragile Meadow © In A Cabin With/V2 & Beep! Back up the Truck

5. Duck Fight Goose – Light is God`s Bread © 弥勒唱片

6. Snapline – S #2 © 兵马司

7.  The Horses (Acid Pony Club) – Chant a Penser © Acid Pony Club

8. Pairs – Oh Ghost © 区

9. 羽果 Yuguo – 王子和雕像 © 羽果

10. The Besnard Lakes – Albatross © Jagjaguwar

11. Rainbow Danger Club – Enduring Love © Rainbow Danger Club

12. GALA – 出道四年 © 东乐影音

13. 草莓救星 We Save Strawberries – It`s Not The End of The World © 风和日丽唱片行

14. 山人 Shanren – 自由 © 十三月唱片

About Morning Tears:

Morning Tears is an international non-profit charity organization that helps children who have suffered deep emotional trauma due to the imprisonment of their parent(s). Morning Tears works to give these children a new beginning in a safe and loving environment, letting them grow up with self-respect, confidence and dignity. Morning Tears is active in China, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, France, Italy and the United States.

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What is JUE?

觉 / JUE (pronounced joo-eh) –verb: to sense; to awaken

JUE | Music + Art is an open-source urban arts and music festival in both Shanghai and Beijing. Now in its third year, JUE is a collection of alternative, creative and progressive arts and music events over a three-week period every March, presented by Split Works.

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